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Get up to 10% cashback rewards wherever you bet!
Casinos Pay Us,
We Pay You!

How It Works

Link Account

Link the financial account you deposit/withdraw from using a secure PLAID connection.

Add Offers

Opt into offers from your favorite sportsbooks, online casinos, and betting providers.

Get Cashback

Fulfill the terms of the offer and get rewarded! BetFully points can be redeemed for Cashback rewards!

100% Secure

We partner with top tier partners to preserve security of your accounts.

Our Features


View your accumulated cashback reward points and cashout to Paypal and ACH (coming soon).


Get up to 10% Cashback rewards at your favorite gambling sites.

Problem Limits

BetFully has problem gambling limitations built in. You can self exclude or limit yourself at anytime.

Custom VIP Offers

Based on your gaming history we customize specific offers tailored for you. Additionally we use geolocation to determine which offers you qualify for.


(Coming soon)
Bet smarter, not more! Track all your bets from all providers in one place. Find out what bets are working and what aren't.


Fast secure payouts.
We value our customers and aim to provide top tier service making you feel like a superstar.

Real Easy. Cash-Back Rewards

After you download BetFully, link your financial account and opt into great cash-back rewards offers from your favorite sportsbooks and online casinos.
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Operators Pay Us. We Pay You!

Qualify for an offer, meet the terms, get the rewards, we'll notify you when it's ready. Simple as that, cashing out is only a few clicks away!
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Customer Feedback

Feel the Satisfaction of Cashback Rewards...

Rebecca A.

Jets Fan

“Betting on the Jets can be a painful endeavor. BetFully makes it slightly less painful.”

Jane C.

Nets Fan

“Winnning a bet is good, but getting even more in cashback rewards is great.”

Guy H.

Mets Fan

“Love my existing betting provider, and got cashback from them. Tried a new provider that I love even more and got paid big time!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BetFully A Free App?

Yes, BetFully is completely free to download and use.

How Does It Work?

Signup with BetFully app, link a financial account that you use to deposit or withdraw, we monitor that account for transactions of cash-back rewards and other offers that you've opted into on BetFully. After you complete the terms of an offer, we give you rewards in the form of BetFully points which can be redeemed for rewards.

What's The Catch?

Gambling Operator Partners pay us for new customers that we bring them, customers we help reactivate or retain. We pass along part of that payment to you, and everyone is happy! 

What Is The Minimum To Cash-Out?

You can request withdrawals for a minimum of $20 or more in increments of $10. IE) $20,30,40,50,etc.
You can presently cash-out using Paypal, we will be adding more options in the future.

How Many Accounts Can I Have Linked?

You can link (1) or more financial accounts and sportsbook/online casino accounts. We will monitor them all for transactions. You will only be eligible for the $10 signup bonus on your first account link.

What If I Have more questions?

Please contact us directly at Hello@BetFully.com we're happy to help!