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NFL Injury SIC Scores Betting with ProFootballDoc

NFL Injury Outlook & SIC Scores with ProFootballDoc Dr. David Chao

Dr. David Chao, a Former NFL team doctor for 17+years also known as the @ProFootballDoc at  @Sports Injury Central  gives us an expert’s NFL Injury outlook for the 2022-23 NFL Season. Dr. Chao also takes us through SIC Scores – an injury grading system that ranks an athlete’s health score. On this scale, a players overall health, injury history and outlook is analyzed by Dr. Chao and his team of medical professionals – insight that is tremendously valuable for Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting! (In fact, Dr. Chao gives us his rationale for how he correctly predicted the Under in the famous hot dog eating contest!)


  • Tom Brady – How much Is age a factor?
  • Dak Prescott – Injury risk?
  • Jameis Winston – timetable and what will return look like after torn ACL?
  • Justin Fields – how does his playing style put him at greater risk of injury?

Running Backs

  • Christian McCaffrey – what is realistic for him in his return?
  • JK Dobbins & Gus Edwards – Baltimore’s two headed monster coming back from ACL injuries what are the limitations? Will they be available for the upcoming season?
  • Saquon Barkley – could he have break out year?
  • Dalvin Cook – why his style put him at risk for injury?

Wide Receivers

  • Deebo Samuel – after last years breakout season any injury concerns?
  • Michael Gallup What is likely timetable after tearing ACL Week 17 of 2021 season. When we do see him on the field what level will he be at?
  • Michael Thomas – what is his SIC score after his ankle injury?

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