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DFS for Beginners – Updated for 2022!

DFS for Beginners Explained 👇

The saying goes:

“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

And so today’s task is to teach you the basics of Daily Fantasy Sports for beginners within 10-minutes or less!

Let’s start with a quick 4-minute video…

DFS For Beginners 2022 edition – it’s only 3:47!

Alright, so now you know the basics of Daily Fantasy Sports for beginners!

But Why Daily Fantasy Sports?

Well as Tyler pointed out in the video, one of the big allures of ‘Why DFS over Sports Gambling?’ is the ability to enter large guaranteed prize pool (GPP) tournament contests and have the potential to win large amounts of money.

Example: with a single $15 entry, you have the opportunity to win $1 million dollars in any given week of DFS.

Is a single entry winning common? Not necessarily, but it does happen.

That $15 entry would be referred to as a single entry. Rarely does a ‘single entry’ or ‘single bullet’ lineup win, but it does happen.

Because many contests allow multiple entries (sometimes up to 150), many people ‘max enter’ their lineups to give themselves the best possible chance at that DFS tournament contest’s best prize.

And as Shannon points out, DFS gives you a bigger reason to root for the individual athlete and enjoy the whole day of games over say the singular outcome of traditional sports betting outcome like Moneyline, over/under, or prop.

The bottom line is Daily Fantasy Sports offers you a fun vested interest in watching a slate of games, with the upside of potentially lottery-like winnings.

Building lineups is simple, but if you want some help researching or optimizing your lineup check out LineStar App.

LineStar takes into account over 100+ variables per individual athlete and provides transparent projections for how they’re expected to perform. Variables such as their opponent’s matchup, where they’re playing today, how they perform historically under similar circumstances, and many more. LineStar then uses that to help output some recommendations on how best to optimize your lineup. It’s available on desktop, iOS, and Android and can really help take your DFS game to the next level.

There is also a community aspect where you can ask questions and get some help or ideas from what others think about today’s games. Sport-specific tools such as a daily matchup chart or court simulator can really help you visualize what’s going on in today’s games.

Hope that helps you DFS beginners out there.

Continual growth, ability to adapt, and just have fun!

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